Make S.M.A.R.T Goals!

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If you don’t know where to begin…. Start by making some S.M.A.R.T goals for yourself. This can be for many areas of your life.

S: Specific

  • Specific goals more likely to be achieved than non-specific goals
  • WHO?
  • WHAT?
  • WHERE?
  • WHEN?
  • WHY?

M: Measure

  • Measure your progress-
  • HOW will I measure progress?
  • HOW many?
  • HOW much?
  • Helps to stay on track
  • Reach target dates

A: Attainable

  • Break a large goal into small steps
  • Can this really happen?
  • What steps are involved?

R: Realistic

  • Personal & situational factors affect ability to reach goal
  • What skills, abilities, and knowledge is required to reach goal?

T: Time- Bound

  • Need start points & end points
  • What are the deadlines?
  • Without deadlines, goal is put aside


  • Start your goal statement with TO + a VERB
  • Use the SMART Goal Criteria
  • Use Positive language!
  • Ex. To study for the midterm and achieve at least 80%, I will review my notes for 1 hour everyday 1 week prior to the midterm.
  • Ex. To lose 10 pounds by the last day of the semester, I will work out at the gym for 45 minutes 4 days a week for the entire semester.




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